The internet security landscape is constantly evolving due to new techniques from malcious actors. The tools to combat them must evolve just as rapidly.

alphaMountain's mission is to build next-generation cybersecurity products and services to protect individuals on the Internet.

alphaMountain's products and services are based on the latest artificial intelligence technology to provide the best internet & web protection available.

Enterprise Services

Your SOC needs additional data to triangulate security investigations. Our artificial intelligence platform using the latest machine learning techniques provides broad coverage for the Internet's malicious actors. The threat intelligence / web reputation service is available via REST API or data feed.

alphaMountain Security APIs provide:
  • Malicious risk : 0-10 scale of reputation
  • Content categorization : 83 content categories
  • Impersonate probability : Cyber squatters and phishing detection
  • Other research data : popularity, language, whois, etc.

Consumer Products

Your laptop or desktop computer needs internet protection from cyber attacks. You want parental controls for your family to be safe from pornography and other unwanted content. Our a9 Web Protection products for individual users, homes and families provide peace of mind for using the Internet.

a9 Web Protection

Cyber security

Stops malicious web sites (malware, phishing, scams, etc.)

Adult Content Controls

Blocks pornography and other adult content

Typo Protection

Checks for typos/misspellings to protect against cyber squatters

Now available as a browser extension for Chrome and Edge.
Coming soon to Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.

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Education Solutions

Our managed Chromebook solution will provide protection for your students school issued laptops.

alphaMountain's education solution provides:
  • Cyber Security : Stop malicious requests (malware, phishing, scams)
  • Adult Content Controls: Block pornography and other adult content
  • Safe Search: Enforce safe search on major search engines
  • YouTube Safety: Enforce Restricted Mode on YouTube
  • Reporting: 83 internet categories (usage and blocking)
  • Management: Remote configuration for internet policies

About Us

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Alpha Mountain AI, LLC was founded by cybersecurity industry veterans John Ahlander and Matt Wood, bringing experience ranging from Fortune 500 security companies to start-ups.

We are bringing together our experience building world class web categorization and URL classification (Symantec Global Intelligence Network), security analytics and reporting, web filtering (WebPulse and K9 Web Protection), and artificial intelligence and machine learning (Whizbang, Cerberian, Blue Coat) to create the most advanced internet security products worldwide.

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